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He is a professional graduate in Speech Therapy, which deals with the prevention, assessment and rehabilitation of communication, language, speech and degeneration pathologies in children, adults and the elderly.
The speech therapist carries out his profession autonomously, but in close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team that mainly includes the Foniatra, the Orthoptist, the Otorhinolaryngologist, the Orthodontist, the Child Neuropsychiatrist, the Psychologist, and all the medical-health professionals. who take care of the patient.

In particular, the speech therapist is expert in:

Verbal and non-verbal communication;
   - Oral and written language;
   - Voice;
   - Learning;
   - Swallowing;
   - Articulation and verbal fluency.

So he takes care of:Language delays and pronunciation defects;
    - Dyslexia, Disorthography, Dyscalculia;
    - Dysphonia;
    - Atypical swallowing and dysphagia;
   - Dysarthria;
   - Stuttering;
   - Communication in paintings of Deafness and Autism;
   - Aphasia following particular brain injuries;
   - Cognitive-communicative disorders in outcome of severe acquired brain injury (cranial trauma, stroke, etc.) or neurological and neurodegenerative syndromes (ALS, Parkinson's disease, etc.).

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So let's talk!

DSL: Language Specific Disorder, it deals with difficulties in the production and / or comprehension of language, in the absence of mental retardation or other primary pathologies in the developmental age.
DSA: is the acronym of Specific Learning Disorder, and includes Dyslexia (difficulty in reading), Disorthography (difficulty in writing), Dyscalculia (difficulty in calculation and numerical processing) and Dysgraphy (difficulty in the graphic stroke in writing).
Atypical or deviant swallowing: that does not provide a correct lingual and dynamic swallowing thrust during swallowing.
Dysphagia: difficulty in swallowing secondary to surgery in the gold-pharyngeal-laryngeal tract or to certain neurological diseases.
Dysarthria: mainly articulatory difficulties with neurological etiology.
Aphasia: impairment of language skills in comprehension and / or production following injury of the language areas of the brain.
Dysphonia: any alteration of the voice due to misuse or vocal abuse, or caused by laryngeal organic lesions. The disony is the alteration of the sung voice.
Stuttering: alteration of the verbal flow that occurs with repetitions of syllables, blocks and pauses stretched during speech, or with speech acceleration (cluttering).
CAA: is the acronym of Alternative Augmentative Communication, it is techniques and aids to support or replace the language, where it is not present or is not very functional. It can be introduced for different pathologies, from Autism to ALS.

Prerequisites for learning: risk indicators for the future development of possible scholastic difficulties are detectable since the last year of the Infant School; for this reason it is important to observe in the child the characteristics of his language, in addition to the cognitive, behavioral, motor and visuopercettiva functionality, from an early age.

And if you need it ...?

Ask for the opinion of a speech therapist whenever one of the difficulties described in this booklet or a doubt about it presents itself. The early and timely intervention improves and accelerates the prognosis, and if you are correctly (in) formats you become excellent observers, the first step to collaborate with the professional and find a solution together.

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